Welsh Karate Kai was established in 1995,
and is headed by Chief Instructor Paul Scott (7th Dan).

Starting tentatively as a 2 Club, 65 Member Association, it has now grown exponentially. It has a "Full Time" Headquarters (Honbu), where all Dan Grade Promotions are conducted, Courses are held, Licences are administered and where Club Instructors meet for Training & Discussion.

Welsh Karate Kai has an established reputation within the Karate Fraternity Worldwide. Its Grading structure and policies, helps maintain its regard, as an Association of integrity & merit. 

As a Traditional Association, "Welsh Karate Kai" can offer a huge variety of Courses, Seminars, Instructor Training, Grading or Promotion opportunities to all its Karate-Ka.
WKK is affiliated to Wales Karate Federation
"The Leading Body for Karate in Wales".

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