WKK Squad Training
All Squad Training will take place on Saturdays
to prevent conflict with Competition dates.
Saturday 3rd March
Saturday 5th May
(ALL Nations Wado-Kai Selection)
Saturday 28th July
Saturday - September TBA
(European Wado-Kai Selection)
WKK Headquarters
Kumite Squad
9.00 10.30 U11 years
9.00    10.30 U16 years
9.00 - 10.30 16 years+
Kata Squad
10.30 - 12.00 Junior & Senior

Minimum Grade - 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt) 
Minimum Age - 7 years
To be eligible to represent WKK at Competitions outside Wales, Invitational Events and for selection to International or High Profile Competition, Squad Members MUST attend the majority of Squad 
Sessions, in the required discipline.

ALL WKK Competition Events attended, will require the Student to wear WKK Uniform & Apparel and travel via the WKK organised method. Students breaching this rule, will NOT be selected or entered in any future events.
Eligibility for Wales Karate Federation 
Squad Training & Representation, 
will be determined by attendance & performance at  WKK organised events.
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