With numerous successful Dojo's in the United Kingdom, access to International Competition, Biannual U16 Development Competition, Annual Senior & Junior Competition, Annual Closed Competition, Association Squad Training, regular Courses & Gradings and International Wado Kai Structure, the WKK has become one of the UK's rising Wado Organisations.

Growth of this Association is usually internal, but on occasions, will consider applications for allegiance, from like-minded external Clubs or Groups. 


The WKK is affiliated to Wales Karate Federation and Federation of Wado Kai Europe. The Rules & Regulations of these organisations are of paramount importance to us.

The WKK operates a Comprehensive Wado Syllabus & Grading Structure, that includes Sho, Mon, Kyu & Dan Grades.


We offer no incentives to join and therefore request that none are sought! We reserve the right to refuse any & all applications for Membership, without the need for clarification.

Many local Clubs & Associations may advertise themselves as Wado Organisations, but are often, nothing more than a Basic Martial System base. Their Grading structure does not reflect the quality expected of the Style/Ryu, so we are unlikely to honour their Grades.

Genuinely interested Wado Clubs & Groups should contact our Administration Office with your details - Name, Email Address, Number of Clubs, Current Rank, Location, Previous Affiliation etc..
We will then send you an information pack on Membership procedure.

WKK Administration Email:

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